Saturday, March 31, 2012

art and max

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Bear and i recently read a book that we stumbled across in our library called Art & Max by David Weisner.  the artwork in it is amazing.  much of it resembles the pointilism that often brings renowned artist Georges Seurat to mind.  so, before we left, i grabbed a book of his work for us to explore at home.

Bear was ecstatic to find the Eiffel Tower in the Seurat book.  it's the funniest thing..the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the Alamo just fascinate him.  maybe he'll be an architect?

a couple of months ago, i saw a post on that used eraser heads to paint cat pawprints.  my plan was for us to use some pencil eraser heads to create pictures using the pointilism technique
Bear wanted the canvas flat i'd offered him,
but turned down my idea for the pencil-pointilism...

so i let him go and do...
he got out the paintbrushes. 
he snagged an easel from one of my pieces.
he moved a chair. 
then he asked for help propping up the books. 
this was the set-up he wanted
(just like art and max had in the book)

he wanted to "paint like a real artist"

so he painted

and painted

and i watched him as
                 he got lost in the paint
and the brush on the canvas. 
and it felt good to know that
instead of following
the example i had placed before
he was creating and
                          following that
little whisper inside of him
that so many of us ignore

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