Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Black Book of Colors

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Bear and i recently found THE MOST incredible book at the library... not only does it address colors and the senses, it brings visual impairment to the forefront without being negative or truly addressing it as a disability.  it's called The Black Book of Colors....

the book contains the words in pRiNT anD BRaiLLe.  perfect for sensory exploration and to demonstrate to children how those with vision impairments read.  Bear was quite interested in the teXtuRE of the dots.  we explored more Braille books at our library.

despite the title, there is no actual color in the book.  every single illustration is black.  but images of the text are embossed on the page for the reader to again use their sense of touch to explore. 

sorry that this post is short and kind of vague... i can't share too much until i start the 5 senses posts!  find them here:

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