Thursday, March 1, 2012

diy color wheel foam puzzle

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right now, our days are centered around coLoRS and how they mix.  during all of this, i kept thinking of color wheel puzzles like this one from Pottery Barn Kids.  and then i found out that they don't make them anymore.
so i thought i'd try my hand at making my own primary/secondary color wheel puzzle out of craft foam.  so sorry that i didn't take pictures as i was doing it.  i was too afraid of messing it up if i didn't concentrate!  i used a margarine lid to make my template of 3 interlocked colors..  then i used the template to cut out the foam pieces.  i double-layered them so they wouldn't bend as easily. 

here's how it turned out:

a little jaggy here and there, but it gets the job done :)

i'd love to see any pottery barn or pbk
inspired posts you have!
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Meeha Meeha said...

Very sweet and playful - I love foam crafts!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Very clever!

Unknown said...

Now, this really appeals to the artist in me! LOVE it!

tricia said...

Do you know what is CRAZY??? I just posted (like minutes ago) on The Golden Gleam about the fact that I purchased the pottery barn color wheel a few years ago and it had all kinds of cool color names and I spent a bunch of cash on it- but Rebekah built a color wheel- and I felt that it was just as ( if not more educational) than the one that I bought. And here you built one, too- And it is awesome! I have had that color wheel for nearly 5 years and have barely mentioned it- and within 10 minutes, it's come up twice. Funny- It is a beautiful puzzle, though- but I love that you guys are making your own!

Sarah E. White said...

Lovely! I have tons of craft foam so I'll definitely be making this one. Thanks for sharing!

Shiloh said...

How cool! I think the puzzle alone is a great idea, but I absolutely love that you made your own. It looks fantastic.

MiaB said...

Love it!!! I love anything foam :) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday. Hope to see you again this week.


Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace said...

Awesome! I was just doing a search for how to use my craft foam yesterday and this activity is definitely what I'm going to do.

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