Saturday, March 24, 2012

the 5 senses: taste

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today is the continuation of the 5 senses series.  in case you missed it, check our inspiration, The Black Book of Colors here.  We've also done the following 5 senses activities:
here are the activities for the sense of taste.

Bear seems to like searching magazines for items, so i gave him a lip pencil to circle mouths in a magazine... {get it? because it goes on your lips?}

we made a list in Bear's journal about all the things that mouths can do besides taste food. some of the things were bite, talk, whistle, sing, and play instruments.
we also talked about the various parts of the mouth: lips, teeth, gums, tongue, and braces. {the last one was Bear's addition to the list}

now these next activites seemed fun to me, but are where i lost Bear...

i had planned on a taste-test of a variety of foods to identify different flavors:
salty- potato chips
plain- water
sweet- fruit snacks
sour- lemon slice
tangy- mustard
creamy- yogurt
fizzley- pop rocks
this is as far as we got when he decided he was done...
and i had planned on painting with spaghetti, but that grossed Bear out.

i'm not one to force activities, it only makes him more insistent that he does not want to do it.  so we'll leave the taste activities at that for now.  perhaps in the future i'll have a more willing assistant :)

tomorrow is the sense of hearing!  see you then!
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