Saturday, March 17, 2012

i'm over here and over there

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i'm all over the blog-o-sphere today!

i'm over at my new friend Charlotte's amazing blog Make, Do, and Friend sharing an idea for Mothering Day.  for you non-UKers, Mothering Day is just like Mother's Day in the U.S.  i've got a post over there for a sweet, memorable project for moms (or dads) to with their kiddos.  go check it out!

i'm also at One Artsy Mama's Blog-a-versary Celebration! 
there is a giveaway for one of my prints (or a team custom order) from my etsy shop!

One Artsy Mama

so stop on over and say hi to these darling ladies who let me come over and visit today!
see you over there!

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