Wednesday, March 14, 2012

little blue and little yellow

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Since we are exploring how colors mix, it was only right that we read the book little blue and little yellow by one of my favorite authors/artists of all time, Leo Lionni.

After we read the book, Bear wanted to make his own blue and yellow picture.  So I tore a bunch of paper into small circles and let him glue them down. 

We also did a math pattern activity with the leftover circles, but for some reason, I haven't got any pictures of it.  I'm sure you get the point of it, though.

I wanted to give him a hands-on experience to see how colors mix,  so we added yellow food coloring to milk and blue food coloring to water. 

Bear was quite excited when he got to shake it up and it turned green!

For a snack afterward, we made little blue pudding and little yellow pudding :)

iIm having so much fun with my little preschooler. He went from not really being into doing too much with out being prodded to actually asking to do preschool time!

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