Saturday, March 3, 2012

mouse paint

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just a reminder that right now, we are exploring how colors mix.  of course, we couldn't skip Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh!  it's one of our favorites!
after we read the book, i set out the book, paint, and fuzzy cat mice.  i had a yellow and a blue mouse, but no red, so we used an orange one :( 

we read the book a second time, when we got to the part where the yellow painted mouse goes in the blue i put yellow paint on the paper.  then i added a small glob of blue next to it.   Bear got to mix it around with the mouse, to make green paint just like the book.

we did the same with red and yellow paint to make orange.

and blue and red to make purple.

all that painting inspired my boy and he wanted to do some more with the paint he had created!  so i taped some paper to the window.

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