Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the 5 senses: smell

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in yesterday's post, i introduced you to The Black Book of Colors.  it is an amazing book that talks about how colors taste, feel, and smell.  find the 5 senses activities here:

we did the following sense of smell activities:
first he made a list (i wrote) of all the things that noses can do in his preschool journal:
sniff, smell, sneeze, be picked, be blown, and be on Snot Rods (from the Cars movie)

we found noses in magazines...
{pampers ad}

while we were looking at the magazines, we came across a Gain detergent add that had a scratch-n-sniff spot... sCoRE!!

we also did a photo scavenger hunt... Bear and i walked around the house and he took pictures of noses that he found with my camera.  {yes, i let him use my dslr because i broke his little digital}  here are his pictures:

then we did a smelling test.  it was funny to hear what he thought that each item smelled like :)  for example, the candy smelled like "chocolately goodness" but the strawberry nesquik smelled like "poo".  nice, eh?

he also said that i smelled
"blueish as can be". 
his favorite color right now is blue,
so i'll take that as a compliment.

along the same lines, we found food items of eVeRY coLoR to see if they smelled like the color they were.

we tried to hang spoons from our noses using this how-to video, but we couldn't get it to work :(
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