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tough questions: were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?

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sometimes our children ask toUgH qUEsTioNS that we aren't sure how to answer...

the latest one actually came from Pip, who's 16.  she is learning about the evolution theory in school.  she isn't allowed to speak about the Creation Story and struggles with this because of our religious beliefs. 

Pip is quite the dinosaur enthusiast- always has been.  she's thinking of going into paleontology in college.  two of her biggest questions were:
how do dinosaurs fit into the Creation Story? 
how did they fit on Noah's Ark?
i had to stop for a second.  Pip doesn't usually go that deep, so i was shocked and proud to know that she was questioning what school taught her as a fact versus what we have taught her as faith.

thus inspires a new series on tough questions that kids ask.  just for fun, i asked some of my friends what their children thought about dinosaurs and the ark. here are their responses...

were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?
No. Just animals.
Lily (2) from Mama Smiles

Yes  {how's that for sweet and simple?}
Aiden (2) from Inspiration Laboratories

Yep. Dinosaurs. Went real far away. All way home. {In a very serious tone}
Grayson (2) from Imprintalish

Yeah {With a big grin and a chuckle in his voice}
Little Dude (3) from Davis Domestications

No..well... there were two of them
Lele (3) from Mama Mia's Heart 2 Heart

Johnny: Umm... Just animals.
Mom: Are dinosaurs animals?
Johnny: Uh huh.
Mom: So were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?
Johnny: Yes.
Johnny (4) from Mama Smiles

No, because its not in my book {pulls out Noah's Ark book and points at the pictures.}
Putti (4) from Putti Prapancha

Yes! T-rex was on there and he went to a ginormous volcano!
Andrew (4) from Toddler Approved

Yes, of course there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark, they were just little baby ones.
Emma (4)

Dinosaurs died before Noah made his ark.
Aurora (4)

No, because I didn't see them in the Bible story.
CJ (4 1/2) from Creativity My Passion

No! They were from the Jurassic time. The ark was WAY before that.
Aikman (5) from Montessori Tidbits

Emma: I don't think so. 
Mom: Why?
Emma: I just don't know!
Emma (6) from Mama Smiles

No because they weren't mentioned.
Caleb (7)
No cause dinosaurs were already extinct.
Luke (8) from Christy's Cuties

Little Man: No.
Mom: Why not?
Little Man: It would have killed Noah.
Little Man (9) from Davis Domestications

dinosaurs on Noah's Ark
i'm not a pastor.
i'm not a biblical scholar.
i'm a mom who prays that God
will help me in guiding
my children in faith and life.
so here is how i answered Pip
and explain it to Bear.

so...were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?

here is how i answered the question to my kids:
  • in Genesis, it says that God made animals.  dinosaurs were animals. so that means that He created them too.
  • the specific names of the animals on the ark aren't written in the Bible.
  • Scripture states that 2 of every animal was on the ark.  since we believe this to be true, dinosaurs were on the ark.  it was very big. 
  • the dinosaurs that were on the ark couldn't have been the larger ones like the t-rex or anything like that.  it would be more logical that baby dinosaurs were taken.
  • like most of the animals that were taken on the Ark, dinosaurs were not the ones that we "see" today in their fossils.  all of these animals were the predecessors to the ones we know now. 
  • **added**  the above point does reflect on the evolution theory in relationship to how animals have changed.  we look at it this way: the original animals were created to live in a world free of sin.  after the flood cleared the earth, it stands to reason that God made changes (evolved) to the animals so they could survive in the world of sin.  
what tough questions have your children asked?

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