Friday, April 27, 2012

buying mommy ice cream

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the other night, i thought that Bear might get a kick out of running to our local ice cream shop to get some ice cream.  the kids meals always have free ice cream tickets on the side.  so, when this came up, Bear said,
"Momma, i'm gonna buy your ice cream!"

once we got there, Bear handed his 2 little tickets to the cashier and told her that he was buying me ice cream.  we walked to the table with our frozen treats... he was so proud.  as we ate our ice cream, i was oVeRwHeLMeD wiTH gRatiTUde to be able to spend simple, precious time with him...

spending time with our kids doesn't have to be expensive family vacations or trips to the biggest museum in town.  sometimes it's the little things that they most clearly remember when they get older.  i heard once that events that have the most emotion attached to them are often the ones we remember longer.

here are some other ideas on ways to spend quality time
  • have a picnic on the front yard
  • read books under the dining room table
  • lay on the grass and watch the clouds
  • go for a drive on a country road
  • bake cookies
  • have a slumber party on the living room floor

what's your best memory of time spent with your child?
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