Sunday, April 22, 2012

diary of a worm small motor activity

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this week, we read the hilarious book, Diary of a Worm by Harry Bliss.  the worm character is just so cute.  there are quite a few play on words and twists of cliche's that are funny. 

in the story, the little worm and his classmates make macaroni necklaces.  if you look in the picture below, you can see that they only need one macaroni.  after we read it, Bear and i made macaroni necklaces.  of course, we needed more than one macaroni :)

this is one of those tRiED aNd tRUe activities that many of us did as a child.  i like oLd sChOOL activities like this because they're simple, they use materials that most of us already have, and they are memory-makers

since we didn't dye the noodles first, we colored them with permanent markers when we were done.  i'll post a pic of us wearing them in the morning after church.

what's your favorite "old school" activity
to do with your children?

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