Friday, April 20, 2012

how washing windows teaches life skills

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we've got some really fun crayola window crayons.  the kids have fun using them, but after a while the front door is so covered that there's no where else to draw.

so what has to be done?
                             yep, the window has to be washed. 
and who washes that window?
                             the little hands who colored on it.

now...before you think i'm a hoRRiBLe moTHeR...hear me out. 
how many times have you seen adults leave a mess on their table in a restaurant?
or watching someone throw their trash out of their car window?
these are the type of actions i'm hoping Bear will avoid.
teaching a child to clean up after themselves teaches them:
  • basic cause-and-effect... i make a mess, i pick it up
  • how to be responsible for their actions
  • respect for their homes, neighborhoods, or properties of others
the real life lesson in this post isn't about teaching your kids to wash a window...
it's what the washing of the window represents:

so, Bear and i got out the wiNDoW cLeaNeR aNd waSHcLotHEs and started scrubbing away.  it was quite a workout.  it was really fun for him to be able to pretend to "clean the dump truck." after a while, my high part of the glass door was done and he just kept working away down below.  i'm absolutely praying that he keeps his eagerness to help as he grows.

how do you encourage your children to help
clean up after themselves?
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**it's silly that i even have to say this, but there's always that 1 person.... if you let your child help your clean windows, supervision with the cleaning chemicals is required.**


Unknown said...

Love this. It's so important! Thanks to you there will be one less rotten kid in the world Haha!

Amanda said...

Totally agree with you! Our boys get involved in all aspects of cleaning up after themselves, washing up, laundry, general tidy up and hoovering. They enjoy it and it shows them that we trust them with these things.

Christy said...

Yep, I agree! My older boys are good about cleaning up. However, my daughter who is now 4.....not so much. I have a hard time with her. No fun.

Anonymous said...

I use bribery and praise! Thankfully my girls are terrific helpers!

Sheri said...

Such a great life lesson Andie. The other aspect is respect for other people is taught. I was once in the mall with another mom and her children (twenty years ago when our kids were little). Her daughters' ice cream fell off of the cone and on to the floor. Her response was to get her daughter another cone. My question was "What about the one on the floor? Do you want me to get some napkins to pick it up?" Her response was "That's what janitors are for". I was so offended. Needless to say, I cleaned it up. She continued to display many behaviors like this, and our friendship eventually ended. My tolerance for that lack of respect toward others doesn't go very far.

On an end note. This was one of three friends that have told me I'm going to burn in hell for not being a born again Christian. Go figure. :( That is where my statement of "You don't have to have the promise of Heaven to see the merit in good deeds" comes from. <3

Learn with Play at Home said...

Totally! I still find it hard to control the mess of all the toys and books and bits and bobs Maddie pulls out every day. It's as much as a job for me to keep on top of it and see that it's packed away as we go, as it is for her to pack it up, lol. In fact, as I type this, she is seriously breaking up a sheet of polystyrene into little bits all over the floor.. just quoted you to her, "you can have fun and make a mess but you must help clean it up!" aiyiyi lol

Shiloh said...

I totally agree. My daughter is still a little young to make her completely responsible for picking up her stuff, but we're working on it.:)

Carrie said...

It is a very important lesson. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Deborah@Teach Preschool said...

It is important to teach personal responsibility. I'm am careful to label my class with pictures and words. It not only promotes reading readiness but encourages the kids to put their play things in the proper place.

Scribble Doodle and Draw said...

I agree it is a very important lesson! My kiddos love to clean up wet messes, but defineately need to be encouraged to put away their toys so I often make a game out of it or make it a race them against me (who can do it faster). That usually helps. Thanks for sharing with all of us at the weekly kids co-op.

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