Friday, April 20, 2012

how washing windows teaches life skills

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we've got some really fun crayola window crayons.  the kids have fun using them, but after a while the front door is so covered that there's no where else to draw.

so what has to be done?
                             yep, the window has to be washed. 
and who washes that window?
                             the little hands who colored on it.

now...before you think i'm a hoRRiBLe moTHeR...hear me out. 
how many times have you seen adults leave a mess on their table in a restaurant?
or watching someone throw their trash out of their car window?
these are the type of actions i'm hoping Bear will avoid.
teaching a child to clean up after themselves teaches them:
  • basic cause-and-effect... i make a mess, i pick it up
  • how to be responsible for their actions
  • respect for their homes, neighborhoods, or properties of others
the real life lesson in this post isn't about teaching your kids to wash a window...
it's what the washing of the window represents:

so, Bear and i got out the wiNDoW cLeaNeR aNd waSHcLotHEs and started scrubbing away.  it was quite a workout.  it was really fun for him to be able to pretend to "clean the dump truck." after a while, my high part of the glass door was done and he just kept working away down below.  i'm absolutely praying that he keeps his eagerness to help as he grows.

how do you encourage your children to help
clean up after themselves?
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**it's silly that i even have to say this, but there's always that 1 person.... if you let your child help your clean windows, supervision with the cleaning chemicals is required.**

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