Monday, April 30, 2012

in {her} shoes...kali

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i'm so excited about today's in {her} shoes guest poster.  she's my newest bloggie buddy and is quickly becoming a dear friend... the kind you sit and talk over coffee with.  Kali blogs over at The Vintage Milk House.  right now she has an amazing series on her Adoption story.  it's heartfelt and very moving.  it looks at Kali, her "Natural" mother, and her "Nurture" mom. 

Hey there Crayon Freckle Fans, I’m Kali! I am so excited and honored that Andie asked me to be a part of this series. What an awesome idea for a series! {She rocks!}

I’m a wife to my hubby Greg of almost 8 years, a former businesswoman turned stay at home Mom to 3 little ones -
Wesley (4½), Veronika (2½) and Vanessa (10 mo.) 

I’m not a perfect Mom by any means and I’m definitely not your typical stay at home Mom! I loose my patience sometimes for ridiculous reasons. My laundry is hardly ever folded and I tend to freak out when trying to get the kids out the door and in the van. BUT I live for being silly and laughing with my kids, reading to my kids, crafting projects with them and just plain old experiencing things while watching them grow as individuals.

I’ve found that blogging at The Vintage Milk House has really given me sense of purpose and self. It serves as my window to the rest of the world and feeds my needs as a people person along with my habit as a crafter/DIYer/writer. I believe it also keeps me grounded and intentional in my parenting.

What’s the most challenging part of being the type of mom that you are?
Mastering my juggling skills. We all have to do it. Balance life in a way that makes our homes and families run the smoothest. I didn’t start off as a SAHM. I jumped into this thing with 3 crazy kids and the biggest obstacle I face is taking care of this Momma first, everyday, so that I can take care of everyone else. Sometimes that also means getting out of my own head. I have a tendency, as my Hubby would say, to “Over think things”. Which lots of times leads to un-necessary worries or extra work. If I take the time every day to get myself in order then I’m less likely to run rapid in my own head and everything else follows much more smoothly.

What’s the most rewarding part of being the type of mom that you are?

Catching my kids in the act. For example: Catching my 4 year old “reading” to his baby sister. Listening to my oldest two, solve a problem together, politely. Watching them use their imagination. Finding them helping one another or a friend. Hearing them use their manners in conversation with others...but the biggest part is catching them being themselves. I hope to foster and nurture individuality in all of my children.

When I “catch” my children in the act it serves as a little pat on the back or some days may even be the boost I needed to help me make it through the rest of the day. You know, those days where everyone is fighting, no one is listening and nothing is going as planned? Several times I’ve “caught” my kids on one of those days and it completely lifts and shifts my priorities. It also reassures me that I must be doing SOMETHINGS right. 

What’s the most important values that parents can instill in their children?

I believe it is respect. If you think about it respect falls on the feet of all things moral and Godly. Raising your kids to truly be respectful little people means not only respecting others and themselves, but also respecting the values of life concepts. Things like education, spirituality and plain old hard work. Respectful people are mindful of others and their feelings, thoughts and beliefs. To take it a step further if respectful people respect others and life concepts then their minds will be open to SO many possibilities!

How would your children describe you in 3 words?

This is a hard one… I nervously asked my 4 year old Wesley – “Using your words, what sort of Mommy to you think I am?” His response: “Hmm, now that’s a hard one Mom. Well, I know I love you AND … you are beautiful! – Is that what you mean?”

I could have just eaten him up there! 
He kills me with his verbage’!

I would hope when my children get older they would say I’m creative, energetic and empathetic. But I’m sure they won’t actually say that until they are parents themselves!
Thanks Andie for allowing me to be part of such an AWESOME series!

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