Thursday, April 12, 2012

playdough and stick bird nest

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spring seems to have put biRDs on the brain throughout the blogosphere.  and we're no different.  when i asked him what he wasnted to learn about this week, Bear's answer was
we read a gardening magazine that my mom brought us based on birds.  we learned a lot of interesting things. like:

birds can't smell (though this is widely debated)

the white part of bird droppings is actually pee,
the darker color is poo

bird hearts beat at about 1000 bpm when they're flying

i made up a little poem to act as an intro to our activity.  i thought a pinterest pic might work best in case anyone wants it.

for sensory/art/science project combined, we went out to the yard and gathered some sticks. then we got out the old, crusty brown playdough to make a bird's nest!

Bear set to work creating a nest that would be juST riGHt for our two little birds. they sat and waited so patiently for their new home to be built.

they seem to be quiTE haPPy in their new digs :)  i'm gonna guess, they won't be moving anytime soon. 

have you done any bird projects lately?

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