Saturday, April 14, 2012

bird activities for preschoolers: journaling, graphing, and art

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as i mentioned the other day, we are doing a unit on birds, per Bear's request.  right now, we are on the tail-end of our bird unit... {get it? tail-end?}

the other day we did a playdough and sticks bird nest sensory activity.  here are some of the other bird-related things we've done.
here's a peek into Bear's preschool journal.  the left-hand side is a sticker collage that relates to what we're learning about.  the right-hand side are my transcriptions of Bear's bird knowledge and the new info he's learned.
today we just built we did a bird characteristic graphing activity. {say that 5 times fast!}  i put the  bird characteristics across the top and various items that share 1+ bird characteristics down the side.  we went down the list through the items.  Bear marked off what items had the top characteristics.  after we had went through them all, we went down the far right column and answered the question "is it a bird?"

for art, i pulled out our big bag of feathers, googly eyes, orange foam triangles, and popsicle sticks.  i didn't push/ask/coerce him to make a bird.  i took a sTeP baCK and watched what he did with the materials. {this is a hard thing to do sometimes, isn't it?}

here's the final result:

talk to you later, my peeps!

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