Saturday, May 19, 2012

how will our garden grow?

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we have a large brick planter in front of our house.  Bear and i decided to pLaNT sOMe fLoWeRS in it.  so we gathered our tools and set to work.  here are a few things i learned about gardening while we were working. 
he said: being around all those bricks can be dangerous. 
i learned: sometimes you can't be too cautious

he said: you sprinkle them all around the dirt
i learned: sometimes Momma's way is more effective

he said: you gotta use the golf club to club the dirt on top
i learned: sometimes Bear's way is more creative

the seeds sat in the dirt for a week.
and then it rained, and the lessons began again.
he said: Thank you God
i learned: sometimes the little things have the biggest effect

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