Monday, May 28, 2012

in {her} shoes...charlotte

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today's guest blogger for the in {her} shoes series is Charlotte from Make, Do, and Friend.  Charlotte is a fun, funky young mom from London who does some creative things with her son.  I wish that there wasn't an ocean between us so we could have momma talk while watching our boys play. 


Hey you guys, I'm Charlotte from Make, Do and Friend where I blog about creative play and imaginative learning with my 2.5yo son Vincent.

When it comes to our family we are a mix of different styles and philosophies. I think of us as modern hippies, we unschool, practise many aspects of Attachment Parenting but if I had to label my parenting style it would be available, hands on and unconditional. I'm a young mum compared to many of my friends (I'm 25, but some of my firends are in their late thirties) but I know that this is what I was always meant to do. I went back to work for a short while after Vin's first birthday, while my other half looked after him during the day and went to work in the evenings. We stuck it out for 8 months before I knew for sure that being at home with my son was way more important! I'm now studying to be a childminder/ Home Daycare Provider because I love working with kids and really love to play!
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