Friday, May 18, 2012

my happy hippie boy

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This post was written as a contribution to the Boys Have Long Hair, Too Blog Carnival.  The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences, struggles, and opinions surrounding having a son who has long hair.

these are oh-so common statements Bear and i hear when we are out in public.  he is 31/2 and has yet to get a hair cut.  i've trimmed the front and the sides so they aren't in his eyes, but he still has all of his baby hair in the back.

many think that children cry when getting their 1st haircut because they see their hair as an extension of themselves.  when it's removed from their bodies, with no reaction from their parents, it causes turmoil in the child.

we're often asked when we plan on getting Bear's hair cut.  our response is,
"he'll get it cut when he wants it cut."

Bear loves his long hair.  he lets me pull it into a ponytail on occasion.  whenever we're out in public, i make it a point to show Bear other men with long hair.  i want him to know that his choice is acceptable as long as he's comfortable.  this morning, he actually pointed out a man and said, "he has long hair like me!"  ultimately, it's his body and i respect his wishes.  i won't do anything to my child that i wouldn't do or have done to myself.  would i want someone cutting my hair against my will?  no. 

i am afraid, though, that some insensitive person or another child will make say something that makes him feel embarrassed.  i don't want him to get his haircut because he feels ashamed of his hair or pressured to conform.  there's enough of that with the current status of public schools and societal pressures. 
we all want our children to be accepted and have friends, but i can't justify getting him an "acceptable" haircut {against his wishes} just to blend in to what has been deemed normal.  i've noticed that many others make judgments and whispered comments about him, myself, or our family in general based on the few things they know about us.  through supporting my son's decision to keep his hair long, i'm telling him:
i respect his choices.
i will not try to change him.
i love him as he is.
whether or not, others agree with my choices doesn't matter.  because at the end of the day, when i see him sleeping with his hands tucked behind that head of long hair, my heart tells me i'm doing this right. 

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