Thursday, May 3, 2012

lesson in compassion: painting with our mouths

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recently when we were out, we saw someone in a wheelchair.  Bear was curious, but not in a rude way.  he just didn't quite understand.  when we got home, we started talking about disabilities, service animals, and how people with disabilities are the same as us. i told him that we're all made  differently to do different things.  the service dog topic interested him, so we began to search the internet for those and modifications to activities. 

that's when we found Leanne Betham.  Leanne is an aMaZiNG teenager with a phenomenal talent.  though she's unable to use her arms or legs, she creates masterpieces!  her art is so good, some of it got auctioned off at Christie's.  to read more about Leanne, check out the article here.  the article has some of her images and they are pHeNomENaL.  i couldn't imagine doing that with just my mouth.                 
so we decided to try to paint with our mouths like Leanne in order to have more appreciation for her talent.  and it was hard.  really hard.   

the final product.  Bear ended up coming over and helping me with mine :)

have you ever tried an alternative method of painting?
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