Friday, May 4, 2012

reorganizing our preschool area

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in our house, we've got toys all over the place.  i don't mean strewn about, hanging from the ceiling fans or a piled up in corners...  we keep them in every room.....the playroom downstairs, the living room, Bear's room {that he doesn't sleep in}, and the dining room.  here's the preschool area before the easel.

the dining room is where we have our pResCHooL aREa that we use for semi-structured learning every day.  a couple months ago, we got a new easel.  the desire for one came from when we were inspired by the book Art and Max to study Seurat.  during the activity, Bear painted a canvas on a plate easel {at his insistence}.  he wanted to be like a "real artist".  and i'd wanted an easel for him for a while anyway.  after doing some research and consulting with fellow bloggie buddies... i ended up getting this one.  i like it because it had built in storage and a sturdy base that wouldn't tip over easily.

Bear played with the dry-erase board while i assembled the base

cushy foam square to stand one and catch paint drips

storage space below

more storage space and the chalkboard

and here's our "new" preschool area. 
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