Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Letter Sounds Activity

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We are currently practicing pre-reading skills in our home-schooling activities.  One of the main focuses is on the first letter sounds in words.  To practice this, I set up a game for Bear to play using vocabulary cards that have images of various common items on them and the letter magnets from our LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Alphabet Set

I spread out the letter magnets on the table and place 3 cards down.  It was Bear’s job to name the object on the card and figure out what letter the object starts with.  He got some of the items right, others he struggled with.  When he was having trouble figuring it out, I had him say the word.  then I would repeat the word, stressing the first letter until he got the correct first letter.  Then he placed the letter on the correct card.

Tou could also do this activity with alphabet flash cards and magnetic letters.  You can find them at most dollar stores. 

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