Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flat Me/Flat Stanley Project

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have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?  it's a fun idea that can bring students together from all around the globe.  basically, theydecorate a template and send it to friends, penpals, etc who photograph the Flat Stanley somewhere in their location and then pass him on. 

Flat Stanley started out as a small project, but has grown into a huge online network and has several books based on it.  you can go to to learn more.

the postcard exchange that Bear and i participated in through Teach Preschool ended last month.  so i organized a Flat Me Summer Exchange program between myself and some other great bloggers. 

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i created a journal for the participants to track their Flat Me's travels.  the owner got to decorate the front cover.  inside were pages for each "host" to write or draw a picture in.

then, Bear decorated the template that we used {not a typical Flat Stanley} one.  he wanted to use fabric, so we got out our scraps.  i pretty much let him have free reign over it because it's his project.  what's the fun in it if i guide him on how to make it?

 once it was done, i glued it onto a manila file folder and cut it out for added stability.  then we packaged it and the journal together and sent it over the Atlantic to Ethan, one of Amanda from City Girl Gone Coastal's son.

i can't wait to share with you the finished project at the end of the summer!

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