Monday, June 11, 2012

in {her} shoes...shruti

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today's post is by Shruti, a blogger, i've just come to know through the Kid Blogger Network.  Shruti's blog is colorful, bright, and full of some really fun activities!

Hello! I’m Shruti. I’m a working mom, juggling a 9-6 job at an IT firm during the day and  taking care of an active 5 year old - Lil P in the other time. I blog over at ArtsyCraftsyMom.Com where I share crafts that I make with my daughter and other random milestones in our life together. 

I'm married to a fabulous guy nicknamed HD (Hubby Dearest) .. my boyfriend of 6 years and now husband of 7 years. We live in the garden city, Bangalore in India. Being a working mom has its own share of difficulties but I'm lucky to have a lot of help and support. We have good day care options and reliable domestic help. 

During the day I don a business woman avatar.. A Quality analyst and lead at an IT giant, my day goes in quality meets and fire fighting.. 

Evening I rest my high heels and don my comfy home slippers and my creative hat .. the four hours every evening that I spent with her are my most special. 

The earlier years as a working mom were the toughest and I'm thankful for my mom for being with us and helping us take care of an infant. Now that She's five, I'm able to enjoy motherhood more.. I love listening to her chatter and her excitement is infectious.. I forget my daily grind and get lost in her childhood innocence. 

Each moment with my child is special, each milestone gives me a high that no award or job can match. We craft, we read stories.. we cook together.

The hugs, kisses and giggles all make life worthwhile.. 

That's all about me... So why don't you drop in at and join us in this amazing journey of motherhood.

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