Friday, June 22, 2012

My ABCs at Play Dr. Mom

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Laura from Play Dr. Mom asked me to participate in her ABCs series where bloggers answer questions that each start with a letter of the alphabet.  fun, right?  if you'd like to learn a little more about me, pop over to her site and check it out :)  also, make sure you stop back here on Monday to read her "in {her} shoes" post!
PlayDrMom featured my ABCs
i'll see you over there.... read my ABCs post here!

here's another fun little thing. i heard the phrase preschool brown before, but can't seem to find where... but i made this up just because :)

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Unknown said...

That definintion is right on! We have lots of preschool brown around here and it's different every time! Off to read your ABC's.

Amanda said...

Why do they do it?! Drives me insane, I get all the paints out, each in their own little pot, spread out papers for them to paint on, water to rinse brushes between paint colours... then bamo! preschool brown EVERYWHERE!!

Pesky kids and their lack of sensible paint colour appreciation skills!

Unknown said...

All kids love to see the colors change and then it all looks sorta like mud, and you know how much kids like mud!

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