Friday, June 29, 2012

picking strawberries: experiencing nature

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we have a berry patch/pumpkin farm in our city. i thought it'd be fun to take Bear there so we could pick our own strawberries. the admission is free, and the berries are $1.25/lb, so it's a fairly in expensive outing. i was a bit surprised at Pip {16} when we were planning on going.  i asked her if she wanted to go, expecting her to decline, instead, she enthusiastically said yes.

there was a tractor pulling a trailer so we could take a hayrack ride out to the strawberry field.  after that, the 3 of us took our strawberry crates and got to picking!

it was a great time.  we spent about 45 minutes out in the field and ended up with 3 lbs of little strawberries that were soooo yummy!  i'm thinking that they might have tasted just a little bit better since we picked them ourselves

the best part was watching the kids... there's something about being outside in a more natural setting. it seems to make things more pure and real.

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