Saturday, June 2, 2012

turning a water table into a sand table

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i bought Bear a water table 2 springs ago.  it's definitely gotten it's $30 worth of use.  but it's sat in the garage since the fall.  Bear loves going to the park and playing in the sand, but i didn't want to put a sand box in our backyard.  we've got some neighborhood cats and i didn't want them to think it was a giant litterbox.  *blarg-ugh-yuck*

we went and got a bag of sandbox sand.  it only took about half of the bag to fill the table.  and the nice thing is, it's still light enough that we can move it into the garage every night so we don't have to worry about water, leaves, or critters getting in it.  Bear spends an hour or so at it almost everytime we go outside.

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