Thursday, July 26, 2012

help children get school supplies with this ebook

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I'm doing an children's activity ebook fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club school supply program.  All you have to do to participate is provide the link to one of your old posts that could be included in an ebook that will be given to people who donate $10+.  I'll also have a fundraising button that is optional to help promote.  That's it.  Sound good?


Now, here are the nitty, gritty details. 

I've been working with Michele, the Assistant Director of Social Media & Web Communications of the Boys and Girls Club of America to participate in the BGCA's Tools for Success campaign. The campaign is focused on raising money so that the underprivileged children they service can be provided with much needed school supplies.

That being said, I'm inviting you to participate in the Bloggers Filling Backbacks project.  As stated above, the ebook will be available to donors who give $10 to the BCGA fundraiser.  The donations will be made through the group fundraising page on BCGA's website.

Each submission will have your name, blog name, and blog address on the page. There will also be an About section at the back with a thumbnail pic and short biography (not required).

You can write a post announcing the campaign if you choose.  They will go live August 8th. It will run until September 14th since most schools will be in session by then. This is a short turnaround time, but since we are all contributing posts that have been previously published it won't take too much time. The most time-consuming part will be my entering them into the ebook. I will also provide a sample intro post that you can simply copy and paste into your email. This post is also an option for you if you don't want to submit but would like to support the project. I will have a few different buttons available soon that you can post on your sidebar.

Submission Guidelines:
  • A previous or new children's learning activity (you can submit up to 3)
  • I would like to have submissions by August 1st (contact me if other needed)
  • Email submission text w/photo attachment or the url -or- leave me the url of the post you're contributing in the comments section

Who's in to help get underprivileged kids school supplies?

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