Friday, July 6, 2012

Draw Me A Star activities {Eric Carle}

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you may have already noticed that i'm a fan of of literature-based activities. we usually have about 50 books from the library checked out in our house at a time. i'm horrible at preplanning... to be honest, i usually wing it because with this site and other household things i don't have additional time to create lesson plans.
i give Bear a chance to choose a book that he'd like to work with that day.  that way i know that he will be interested in it and it will give him some "buy-in" to what we're doing.

we've been really into Eric Carle books of our latest favorite books is  Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle.  aside from the gorgeous imagery that is typical of Eric Carle, i love the way the text and images intertwine and have an alternate meaning for Bear and i.  after we read it the first time, we noticed a strong parallel between what the artist was drawing and the Creation Story.  in a way, the artist in the book could portray God and the way that he "drew" our world.
right now, Bear is learning how to write his numbers.  as a precursor to this activity, i got out number cards.  after he identified the number, he practice one-to-one correspondence to put the appropriate number of star sequins on the number card.  (you could use star-shaped erasers, buttons, etc).  then he flipped it over and wrote the number on the back of the card. 

moving onto the art project.  first i have to provide a disclaimer...this project is a little more directed than i usually do.  sometimes i think that it's good to give Bear practice in following directions.  he did have freedom, during this project.  and as per sooooo many of our posts show, he has ample amount of free will when it comes to art.  {our paints are out and accessible at all times}

we also played with playdoh and used a star shape from one of our sorting toys to cut out stars from playdoh.  stop back tomorrow to see what that ball on the spoon is for :)

i pre-cut out a funky star shape for Bear to decorate a la Eric Carle.  i cut long strips out of tissue paper.  then he used his scissors to cut the strips into squares to glue down.

when the tissue paper was dry, i cut the excess off from the star.  Bear used bubble wrap and white paint to add texture onto it like on the cover.

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Angela said...

I looooove Eric Carle too! I think we might try some of your ideas! My girls would love it! Hey..I wanted to let you know that I'd love to do a guest post ~ maybe swap guest posts?, like you suggested. I'm a big fan of your blog and used to read it often even before I had my own so it would be such an honor!

Gina said...

What fun ideas! I love how Bear used bubble wrap to add texture to the star. My little guy also loves doing projects with tissue paper squares. :)

Unknown said...

His start looks just like the one on the book! I need to start doing stuff with tissue paper. It looks great and I have so much of it.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how you can find a parallel to God in pretty much everything? The curriculum we are using is nature based with a focus on things God created. It has made me look at my own world differently. I'm right there with you on the freedom, yet needing to know how to follow directions. I'm always trying to find that balance. I especially have to keep the boys' ages in mind. What I expect of the oldest I can't expect of my three year old. Okay, now I'm rambling as I tend to do. ;)

Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

Love this, Andie!

Rebecca English said...

I love literature based activities too. I haven't read this Eric Carle book but it looks great.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

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