Monday, July 23, 2012

in {her} shoes...amanda

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today's guest poster is from one of the most uniquely named blogs i've ever read. it's memorable, it's funny, and most of's authentic.  and that's one of the biggest things i look for in a blog :)

Hi there, I'm Amanda.   I blog over at Dirt and Boogers.  I am thrilled to be a part of this series.  I must admit that I did have a hard time writing this for some reason.  I guess it's always hard talking about yourself.  Well, I went for it anyways and decided to just start with the basics.

I have a 2 year old son, J,  and am pregnant with another child, due in January.  I am married to a wonderful, introverted, hardworking, military man, who is a fantastic Dad.   I'm a misplaced Texan who loves knitting, playing outside, a good cup of coffee, Mexican food, and anything with chocolate.  Ok, that wasn't so bad...let's keep going.

I have stayed at home with J since the very beginning.  I always knew that I wanted to be an at-home Mom, and I've never felt so satisfied in a job before.  We were lucky because we moved shortly after I had J, so we were able to financially adjust to one income at the same time we had to redo our finances because of the move. 

One of the difficult things about being a military family is that our lives are always changing.  J has already lived in three different states in his short two years in this world (and we're moving again in about a year!).  One of the difficult parts of all this moving is finding friendships and support.  It often takes time to find good friends, not only for my husband and me, but for J as well.  So, I am J's playmate most days.  We also don't have family around and finding babysitters is always a chore!   This often means that I don't get very many kid-free breaks or date nights with my husband.  After a while though, we find our people and things get better.

Recently our lives have changed again.  We just moved to a new base and life is totally different now.  My husband worked crazy long hours in his last job and was out of town for weeks at time.  Now, he's in school again and is in class a few hours a day and at home the rest of the time.   He also won't be traveling for a whole year...whooo hooo!  But talk about adjustment!  I was used to doing it all, and being the primary parent to J.  Now, we share responsibilities and parenting.  I'll admit that sometimes it's hard to let go of some of that responsibility.  We've had to learn the "new rules" of our life and adjust.  However, life's a lot better now than it was before the move!
A good thing that has come out of all the change, is that it brings us closer together.  Not having a constant support network of local family and friends makes you really have to work together and lean on each other.  In spite of all the craziness our life brings, I wouldn't have it any other way!

In terms of parenting, I am the kind of Mom that encourages communication and independance, promotes playfulnss, and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  I understand the importance of play, and I love having a playful environment for J.  You will often find us outside running amuck, or inside building blocks or getting messy.  My windows are usually open to let the sunshine in, and there is music and laughter coming from our house almost all day long.  Oh, and don't be surprised if you walk in on me dancing in the kitchen.  I love life, and I hope that I can show my children just how much fun life can be! 

I consider myself a hand's on Mom....kind of.  I am not the Mom who jumps up to save my kid everytime he's in trouble.  I kind of like it when he gets a bit frustrated with something.  Sounds weird huh?   But, it's really amazing to see how he is able to problem solve and figure out a tough situation on his own.  I help only when he really needs it...and I only help enough so that he can get to a point to finish it himself.  I think it's good for him to problem solve and think things through.  I do think that other parents may see me as hands off sometimes, but I know what he is and isn't capable of, and I trust in his abilites.  Trust me, I will rush right in if he's over his head!

J's a little too young to describe me, but I would hope that he finds me silly, nurturing, and loving.  All I know for sure is that I'm far from a perfect parent and that I make lots of mistakes.  I just hope that my children will feel how much I love them, because that's what matters most! 

Whew, that wasn't so bad!  I'm glad I got to show you a bit about me and what it's like to be in my shoes.  Thanks, Andie for the opportunity!

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