Monday, July 9, 2012

in {her} shoes...Krissy

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I am so excited to be here letting you have a try “in my shoes.”  One of my favorite parts of being a blogger (at B-Inspired Mama) is learning from other mamas along the way. 

So here’s a little bit about ME!

I consider myself a former art teacher (once an art teacher, always an art teacher?) turned full time mama of 3.  B.Inspired Mama allows me to connect with other moms and share simple ideas for kid-friendly arts and crafts, easy recipes, preschool learning fun, and creative parenting tips.
After earning a Master’s Degree in Art Education (with an emphasis in Children’s Literature), I taught 7th through 12th grade art at a rural high school in Pennsylvania.  I left my teaching job and my rural hometown to move to the city with my growing family.  After an unexpected divorce, I moved my kids, Sawyer and Priscilla, and I back home near family and friends.  Now we are happily living with my awesome fiancĂ©, Cliff, and our new little one, J.C., in a sweet little home in Upstate New York.

As for my shoes… I rarely have any on.  I hated wearing anything on my feet during my pregnancy for Priscilla (which I seem to have passed on to her), and that trait never went away.  So whenever I can be, I’m bare foot, but there’s no way you’re getting a photo of that, because I hate my au natural, un-pedicured feet! The Most Rewarding Parts of Being a Mom
  • knowing true unconditional love and acceptance
  • lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles

The Most Challenging Part of Being the Mom I Am
  • finding a way to fulfill my own personal and professional needs and goals while still being an attentive, nurturing, and hands-on mama
  • having the patience and grace to appreciate the moment without constantly yearning for the future

3 Values I Strive to Instill in my Children

  • love and acceptance of themselves and others
  • kindness
  • compassion

My Kids Words to Describe Me

Sawyer (age 5): beautiful, likes camping, looks fantastic
Priscilla (age 3): beautiful and smells the flowers
J.C. (age 6 months): *giant smiles that light up his face*
(Apparently I need to work on those values a little more, since they seem to be focusing a little too much on vanity… haha!)

I hope you’ll come visit me at B-Inspired Mama to get to know me more!
Krissy Sherman Bonning
Mama of 3 and Blogger at B-Inspired Mama
*kid-friendly arts and crafts*
*easy recipes*
*preschool learning fun*
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