Friday, July 20, 2012

monster truck bowling

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moNStER tRuCKs have been popular in our house for awhile.  thanks to Burger King's including them in their kid's meals, their popularity around here has increased.  no, i don't feed Bear fast food every night.  however, there is one between the Sergeant's work and our house.  so whenever we go down there, we so through the drive-thru and grab a kids meal. {i can see a few of you cringing because i feed him BK, but i  can also see you others who are breathing a sigh of relief that i just admitted that, lol} 

i've been saving toilet paper rolls in preparation to make a marble run.  Bear and i painted some of them awhile ago and then they set in a bin for weeks.  until one day, we discovered the most amazing game ever... monster truck bowling.

we spent over and hour playing this the other night.  i would set them up, he would knock them down.  over. and over. and over.  it was so fun to see his excitement when he knocked them all down!

there were a few other monster truck activities {art and literacy} that i had planned for this day.  unfortunately, i gave Bear his 2 new Lego baseplates before we did our morning preschool, so there was no diverting the little man's attention to another activity.  i'll give it another go in a few days when they've lost their shine!  but until then, monster truck bowling will be our activity of choice.

until then, here are some easy and fun monster truck activities from some of my fave bloggers!

to give due credit for all the hard work we all do, if you like an activity below,
please go to the individual blogger's page to pin it :) 

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