Saturday, July 7, 2012

the playdough catapult

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well, i teased you a bit yesterday about this post.  while we were playing playdoh the other day, Bear started to get a little bored.  he had set the spoon on the mound of playdough like you see in the pictures.  and then randomly, that little light above my head went off. 

i baited him a bit and asked, do you wanna see something really cool?  of course, he was down for that.  so i put the playdoh ball we had made onto the spoon and hit the handle.  the ball went flying across the room equalling instant laughter and excitement!  one example was all he needed to get our makeshift catapult to work for himself.

another bonus of this activity was that we were able to study mechanisms (not matter how roughly made) and their parts....

explore cause-and-effect....

and make hypotheses, then test them to prove or disprove them.  in the case below, we were trying to find out with ball would go farther, the big one or the little one.  we did them at the same time so that they got hit just as hard.  then we switched their positions. 

this activity lasted almost an hour, which in mommy-time is quite a miRacuLOus feAT
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