Wednesday, July 11, 2012

songs that sound like they should be about motherhood

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Keep it on the Down Low... R. Kelly
  it's all about hiding your stash of chocolate

If You Asked Me To...Celine Dion
what your toddler will never say to you

Please Don't Go Girl...New Kids on the Block
what you pray as you  desperately look for a bathroom for your daughter

4 in the Morning...Gwen Stefani
when the baby usually spikes a fever

Oops! I Did it Again...Britney Spears
what you say when you realize you've lost yet another pacifier

where you'd rather be your first day back to work after maternity leave

Genie in a Bottle...Christina Aguilera
what you need to be able to take an uninterrupted shower

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You...*NSYNC
what you think when you watch your sleeping child

If I Could Turn Back Time...Cher
how you feel an hour after you've given your kids cotton candy

what your son tries to put on when you catch him feeding crayons to the dog

Hot Stuff...Donna Summers
that dark, caffienated drink you have to have every morning

Get on Your Feet...Gloria Estefan
what you say to your son while he's gone limp during a tantrum in the store

I Want it That Way...Backstreet Boys
what you heard when you try to tell your 4 year old her shoes are on the wrong feet

I'm Still Standing...Elton John
conveyed in the shocked look your baby has after she wobbles, then regains her balance

what your toddler does with his feet during bathtime

Sand in My Shoes...Dido
after the park. every. time. and not just the shoes.

Silence Speaks 1000 Words...Debbie Gibson
and that silence usually means that someone is doing something they shouldn't
Hero...Enrique Iglesias
what you are to your daughter when you reattach Barbie's head

what you say after a 1 hour struggle to get your child to sleep

Bills, Bills, Bills...Destiny's Child
'nuff said

Invisible Man...98 Degrees
the one who gets blamed for the crayon scribbles on the wall

A Different Corner...George Michael
where you send your 2nd child when the 1st is already in the normal timeout spot

Eeenie Meenie...Justin Beiber
how you choose which child gets to hold the new puppy first

Pizza Girl...Jonas Brothers
who you're happy to see bringing dinner when you just. can't. cook.

Monster...Lady Gaga
what lives under your 5 year old's bed

Did It in a Minute...Hall and Oats
how fast you can pee while keeping 4 kids at bay

Miss Independent...Kelly Clarkson
who your daughter decides she is shortly after her 2nd birthday

On the Floor...Jennifer Lopez
where your foot found a lego at 2 am

Lucky Star...Madonna
what you wish on with your 7 year old before tucking him in

Here Comes the Rain Again...The Eurithmics
the thing that ruins a playdate everytime
Nasty...Janet Jackson
crib. diaper explosion. poo.  you get the idea on this one...

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