Saturday, July 21, 2012

turning our train table into a zoo safari

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Bear got a train table for Christmas two years ago.  the first year he had it, it barely got played with.  it's just been within the past year, that he's really gotten into it.  but like all toys, it's gotten sTaLE.  so i decided that i would make it a bit more interesting using something that appealed to him.  he loves going to the zoo, so...
why not make a zoo that the train can drive through?

we got out our bin of animals and added them a group at a time.  most of the time he would have the train deliver the animals to their new homes in the zoo safari. the first night we were down there, we spent about 2 hours playing it.  playing with our revitalized train table is an every-other-day play request.

the best part about finding an alternate use for our train table?  being able to sit down and play with my son in a way that helps him to use his iMagINaTiON

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