Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bloggers Filling Backpacks eBook

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PhotobucketI'm so excited to invite you to to do something that can change the lives of hundreds of children! 

I have partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of America and over 40 bloggers to help support their Tools for Back to School campaign.  It helps parents and students prepare for school by providing school supplies and resources to the youth they serve.  Here's what the Boys & Girls Club of America has to say about the campaign:

Too many kids in America are falling behind in school and life before they even get started. Oftentimes, this is not due to a lack of ability but to the lack of access to both basic tools, such as notebooks and pens, and to quality after-school programming that helps prepare kids for academic success and, inevitably, a great future.

My goal is for us to raise $500.   So, will you make a difference?  Everyone who makes a $10 (or more) donation will get the Boredom-Buster Backpack: 50+ Activities to Keep Children Busy ebook!  The ebook is filled with amazing activities contributed by over 20 bloggers that will keep your children busy, learning, and having fun.

Go to the Bloggers Filling Backpacks BGCA fundraising page and make your $10 donation for your copy of this awesome ebook!  Not only will you get tons of fun activities to do with your child, you'll help other children have the supplies they need to start school successfully!

You can find the Boys & Girls Club of America on Facebook, Twitter, or their Website. 

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