Friday, August 17, 2012

board game sensory bin and activity

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our latest sensory bin is a play off of Bear's new found appreciation for board games.  while his old favorite was CandyLand, he's since discovered Sorry and The Game of Life.  we play Life about 2-3 times a week.  seriously.  and the kid beats me.  every. time.

as a base for the bin i used our popcorn/beans mix.  then i just added a whole bunch of game pieces from games like:

Ants in the Pants

Bingo (markers)

after Bear had gotten over the initial excitement of the new bin, i introduced 2 activities that we could do with it.   

the first activity used the cards from CandyLand.  we took turns choosing a card and then finding an item in the bin that matched the color on the card.

the second activity was more advanced and up to Bear's developmental level.  using the sorry cards, we drew a card and then picked out the appropriate number of items. 

for an added challenge, you can require players to use tongs to get the game pieces out. 

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