Saturday, August 18, 2012

cleaning handprints off the wall

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i don't want to
clean off those handprints.

their smallness makes me smile.
smeared as he tromped up the stairs
in a hurry to grab a toy car,
a juice box, some other random toy.

it would only take a minute
of soap and water for them
to be washed away.

but for now,
i'll leave them there.
they won't be that small

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Gina said...

You are so right! My mil always left the hand & lip prints on her mirrors because they reminded her of the kids all week long.

Sheri said...

They are SOOO adorable. As usual, this is so inappropriate, but this post immediately triggered a funny (now, not then) "hand print" story.

When my oldest son was in his second year of college, he had walked home to his apartment from a friends house a little tipsy. He was such a straight shooter, that I actually didn't know about the tipsy part until a while down the road, but anyway.
It was raining like crazy and he slipped in the mud going down the steep hill that he had to go down to get to the front entry to the old house that his apartment was in. He severely broke his leg, but all he could think to do was get in to his apartment. He literally crawled up this skinny little stairway to his studio apartment in this hundred year old house, took some Advil and tried to sleep. The next morning he called his best friend to come and get him to go to the E.R. for an x-ray, and then came the call to Mom. It was finals week, and he needed me to come to stay with him for the last two days (in the upper peninsula of Michigan at Michigan Tech.) to drive him to his finals, and then drive him back to Minneapolis for surgery to put the bones back together. Yeah, it was that bad. After a very long eight hour drive, I walked in the front entrance to the building, and there were muddy hand prints going all the way up the stairwell where he had crawled up the stairs. I felt so bad for him! The good news is that he aced his finals, even on Percocet, made it home and had his leg pinned back together, spent the summer healing and now has one year left until he has his PhD. There have been quite a few lessons learned between then and now. ;)
**I did wash all of those hand prints away. They told a whole different story.

Unknown said...

This is so sweet. Love it! I wouldn't want to wash those off just yet either :) Beautiful poem, Andie.

MaryAnne said...

I <3 this :)

raising4princesses said...

So true. I vote leave them for awhile. Love, maria

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