Monday, August 13, 2012

in {her} shoes...Marnie

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i'm so excited to have Marnie from Carrots are Orange here today!  if you've never been over to her site, i have to warn you... be prepared for serious cuteness!  i love her color scheme!  but better than that, her content is amazing!  one of my favorite posts of hers as of lately is Why Tea Parties Rule {Even For Boys}.  i love that she encourages tea party play for her boys because they're interested and totally disregarding those silly, antiquated gender roles.

There has been nothing in my life more thrilling and mind blowing than having children. I dive into parenting like I do with anything in life. The difference with parenting, though, is that I am responsible for the care and well being of not only myself but of two little spirits. So, like many parents, I put my head down, focus and get through each day as best I know how.

With all the learning ideas and activities available these days, 'being busy' has taken on a whole new concept in our lives. So, a big challenge for me is staying grounded and connected to the people who have defined me over time. With my head down pushing through each day I have a difficult time keeping up with friends and family. I am so focused that time goes by and suddenly I feel a bit lonely. The raw love I have for my children is the most powerful emotion I've ever experienced in my life. Sometimes I realize that this raw emotion has taken over parts of my life that I miss a great deal. I am certain being aware will bring me back to those people and places.

From the parenting perspective, a big challenge lies in holding back the reigns. I'm so excited about being a parent and about my boys' learning that I tend to do too much, too quickly. I must remind myself to slow down, take deep breaths and take in what I'm trying to teach my children: to be happy, to be mindful, to be present.

The days I often find most challenging are quickly turned around by something magnificent my boys do to remind me that we are bringing up kind, thoughtful, productive and respectful human beings. I want my boys to be good and to be happy. If I stop for a moment to be 'present', I can take this parenting thing all in and be reassured that I am doing a good job, the best job I can in today's fast paced, information loaded world.

I hope is that my boys will think of me the same way in 20 years as they think if me today: silly, cute and funny. (I asked my 3 year old for three words and this was the result. I'll take it.)

Thanks for reading today! Marnie

Marnie writes Carrots Are Orange, a blog she started in 2010 after the birth of her first son. She hails from Maine, a wonderfully down to earth place to grow up. Marnie moved to the west coast in 1999, currently living in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. She is pursuing Montessori certification. Marnie can be found on Facebook, Twitter @orangercarrots, Pinterest and Google +.
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