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in {her} shoes...The Chirping Moms

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today's guest posters are super fun and have one of the cutest blogs i've seen.  recently, they created super adorable personalized lunchboxes and many more great ideas for kiddos in their For the Kids Thursdays.  


We are so thrilled to be invited by Andie to be here today!  Our names are Julie and Courtney, and together you can call us The Chirping Moms!
We live in the suburbs of New Jersey, right outside the craziness of New York City!  Julie grew up in the Midwest and somehow after college, landed on the East Coast with her husband.  She has lived in Washington, DC, Jersey City, coastal Connecticut before moving to this wonderful town:)  Courtney grew up in New Jersey, moved away to Chicago and North Carolina, before relocating back near her parents right down the street from Julie!  We met at the neighborhood park and became great friends after that.  Between us, we have four kids, three and under.  Julie has two boys while Courtney has two girls--so we always are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  We both stay at home with our little ones.   Stay at home parenting is one exhausting job, but also rewarding and fun!  Who else gets to do crafts, go on special outings, and enjoy a little nap time every day (but don't forget you are also cleaning dishes every minute, potty training, and handling toddler meltdowns.)?

What is the most challenging part of being the type of mom you are?

We are both very hands-on moms who keep our children active during that day!  On any given day, you can find both of us heading to the park, doing crafts, cooking dinner, going to the pool, vacuuming mashed cereal from our carpet, reading many board books, and attempting to start our own sewing project at night.  One way to keep our little kids from having as many meltdowns is to keep them content through our never-ending list of activities:)  But you have to have a fine line between doing activities and letting your children be kids---they have to know what it is like to be bored, give them some quiet time to learn to play on their own and encourage independent play and imagination.  And most moms face this, but with a husband who works 12 hours days with two active kids, we would have to say that we both face the challenge of exhaustion!!!  Let's just say thank goodness for a little coffee and a little quiet nap time:)

What is the most rewarding?

One of the most rewarding things about being a mom is watching your children grow into their own little unique selves.  We love watching our children love---how they love their friends, family, and God.  We love hearing the new things they say---pretending to be Super Why, telling their baby sister to eat more food, or screaming out "car" every time one drives by the window.  We love watching them how to solve problems---learning to turn the lights on by themselves or pouring their own cup of juice (even if it does spill all over the floor).  We love watching them develop passions---may it be for baby dolls or monster trucks or Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  We love watching them take on more responsibility---brushing their own teeth, trying to dress themselves, and helping walk the dogs.  One of the greatest things about being with them all day is just knowing that you are there with them every step of the way (LITERALLY---they don't seem to leave your side!).  

In your opinion, what’s the most important value(s) parents can instill in their children? 

This is a really TOUGH question!  There are so many values that we want to instill in our children.  Julie just hung a custom-made Etsy sign for her living room that sums up what she wants in her family.  I think we both agree that these would be a wonderful way to live.  It reads:
In the Rogers family,
Trust our God
Forgive and Forget
Tell the Truth
Speak Kindly of All
Bless our Food
Encourage Others
Believe in the Good
Never Give Up
Follow our Dreams
Keep our Promises
Work Hard
Laugh Often
Love Unconditionally

If your children could describe you in 3 words, what would they be?

Our kids are so little that I'm pretty sure they would describe our hair color (Courtney-brown and Julie-blonde), tell everyone that we love to run, and we both love to be outside!   Honestly, we both inspire to be parents who love, care, and are patient with our children:)  

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