Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Cloud activities

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not too long ago we came across an Eric Carle book that i had never heard of before.  Little Cloud how this is possible, i don't know.  but both Bear and i fell in love with this sweet little book.  we probably read it 5 or 6 times in the first couple days we had it. 

since Bear was so intrigued by the book, we did an art, a literacy, and a couple sciences activities that tied into it during our preschool time.

for art i set up a classic art project for Bear.  not sure if there is an actual name for it, but i call it Rorschach painting.  at the beginning, Bear just put a dollop of paint on the paper, folded it, and smushed it out.  i had only intended for him to do a few of these...

but he loved it so much, he made an entire book.  i cut pieces of blue paper in half.  for the book he wanted to paint on the paper before he folded it.  this was a good idea, actually, because it created much more diverse images.  once all the paint was dry, i asked him what each picture was and wrote his answers on it with a marker.  then i stapled it together for him.  he's so proud of his book! we called it "A Cloud Can Be..." 
for science we did a fun experiment i saw over at Almost Unschoolers.  using a glass, water, and ice you can make clouds in a jar.  we tried it and it turned out really cool.  i don't think we did it quite right, though, because ours looked more like fog, but we were still enthralled.
the last science experiment we did was a complete fail.  i saw a cool experiment on making clouds rain in a jar at Reading Confetti.  it called for foam shaving creme.  we only had a tad of it, so i tried to use shaving gel instead, and it didn't work at all.  go here to see what it's really supposed to do.  even with our project fail, Bear thought it was really cool to see the food coloring swirl around in the water.  we even found that if i picked up the glass and swirled it a bit, it created a tornado-like effect.
i had also wanted to lay on a blanket outside and look at the clouds to see if we could find any shapes.  but it was a beautiful day with a nice clear blue sky.  so here's a post from Childhood Beckons on Telling Stories with Clouds that covers close to what we were going to do.

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