Thursday, August 9, 2012

not-so-tough question: what's the best thing about being a kid?

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the other day, we were driving on the highway coming home from the store.  i noticed it had gotten really quiet in the backseat.  that's when i saw this:

it made me think of all the great things about being a kid... like this one: being able to go to sleep whenever and where ever you want.

What's the best thing about being a kid?

Playing with Pip, Daddy, and you.
Bear, age almost 4, from Crayon Freckles

A Birthday Boy, age 6
Playing in the dirt
Playing with cars and chasing dinosaurs
Dimples, 3
Be able to play play play and having everything done for you!!
Red Ted from Red Ted Art
Nico: Fun.
Mom: Is it it because you can play instead of work?
Nico: Yes.
Nico, age 2.5, Glittering Muffins
All my friends.
Rosie, age 2.5, Growing A Jeweled Rose
Hmmm.... I don't know. Oh, right, being with my friends and my family.
Aikman, age 6, Montessori Tidbits

You don't have to die!
Frankie, age 5 (This answer may have something to do with losing a hamster & a hermit crab)
Having Legos!

Getting to be in school
Charlotte, age 6, from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

I don't have to have staff meetings.
Henry, age 6, from Play Dr. Mom

Going Fishing with my Dad
Happy, age 6, from Kids Stuff World 

I don't have as many responsibilities.
R, age 10, from Busy Kids = Happy Mom
Being around my family
Lilah, age 2 (almost 3), from In Lieu of Preschool
Being a big brother.
Aidan, age 4, from Little Moments to Embrace
Learning a lot from grown ups
Birdy, age 5, from Sense of Wonder
My Mummy
J, age 3, from Rainy Day Mum

Getting to learn new things every day
Madeline, age 9, from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

I like projects.
Honor, age 3, from Play Dr. Mom

I get to stay home and don't have to go to work!
J, age 8, from Busy Kids = Happy Mom
Having the fun
Little, age 3, from Kids Stuff World

You don't need to spend your money and you have good parents and siblings (not the brother part).
Julia, age 7
You get to to go to school, and get holidays, and be silly....
Lizzie, age 5, from Creative Family Fun
You have more time to play games
Kevin, age 8, from Come Together Kids
Going to Toys R Us!
Royal, age 3, from Royal Baloo
Going to the fair
Luke, age 4, from In Lieu of Preschool

Because you don't need to have a job
Kara, age 9, from Come Together Kids
Playing with Legos
Defne, age 5, from Smiling Like Sunshine

You, Mummy.
Jake, age 2.5, from Creative Playhouse

Getting toys and your birthday.
Baloo, age 6, from Royal Baloo
GettingBottom of FormGG

if you'd like to share your kiddo's answer in the comments section, i'd love to add it to the post!

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