Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the truth about cloud dough

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is cloud dough fun?

is cloud dough messy?

is cloud dough for you?

after reading the book Little Cloud,  
Bear and i made the infamous cloud dough
that is viral all over pinterest. 
i gotta say, i loved it. 
it felt nice.
smelt nice.
and most importantly,
Bear loved it.

the flipside? 
it makes a mess. 
it's not for the faint-hearted. 
in anticipation of a small mess,
i set Bear's table up on a shower curtain. 

little did i know...

how epic the mess would be...

see what i mean?  tracked all. over. 
packed into the nooks & crannies of toys.
ground into the rug.
stuck in the seams of our pergo floor.
it was everywhere.


now, the real question.
would i make cloud dough again.
in fact we did just the other day.
it made a mess.
and Bear had fun.
and it cleaned up.
and that's the real deal
on cloud dough.
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i am in no way attacking, criticizing, or speaking ill about my fellow bloggers.
i just want to share with you what i wish i would've known before making cloud dough.

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