Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bear writes a blog post

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Bear likes to pretend he's blogging with his toy computer.
on this day, he was bored, so i asked him if he wanted to write a blog post.
he was ecstatic...jumping up and down...clapping...all that.
this is what he came up with.
i heart it. big time. 

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Learn with Play at Home said...

haha, too funny. Now you'll have to get a little worried if this ends up your most popular post though ;) lol x

Unknown said...

He expresses himself rather well! LOL

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Super cute Andie and Bear!!

Amanda said...

So cute! I dare not let the boys have a go on mine, they messed about on the hubbys PS3, and some how used his account to buy a game worth £35!

Bear looks totally at home with the laptop, is he going to be a regular contributor!

Gina said...!

Julie Rogers said...

LOVE this!!!!!!! My son loves to blog with his toy computer too---so cute;)


Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

I think it's funny how our kids get as excited about blogging as we do. Sharing activities and ideas with the world is very fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bear!

Unknown said...

How cute! :)

Unknown said...

I can just picture him jumping. I know my girl would. That is so awesome. I can just hear how deeply you love your son. Thanks for giving me a big smile! I love it.

Unknown said...

Love it. :) :)

Unknown said...

Love! We let Aidan send emails to his grandparents. It's funny, they look so similar! ;)

Unknown said...

Great post bear! Very informative! Love this Andie,

Amanda said...

Too cute!

Rebecca English said...

Yes I agree bear, mummy really should give you more candy!

I think you need to get the boy his own blog!

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

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