Thursday, September 6, 2012

Going Orange for No Kid Hungry + Blog Hop

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Crayon Freckles has gone orange in support of the No Kid Hungry hunger awareness campaign. i've joined with 75+ moms to create awareness in the fight to end childhood hunger in America.   join us on facebook here
i've posted before in support of No Kid Hungry.  i shared their Hunger Hits Home documentary and to helped you connect with your legislators about policy changes that affect children in need.  but i still want to do more.  in one of my other posts, i shared a story about a situation i had with my own hungry child... 

there were several nights that Bear chose not to eat dinner. about an hour afterwards, he would ask for a snack. on the fourth night or so, we told him that if he chose not to eat, he would have to wait until bedtime snack. by an hour before snack, my sweet Bear came to me crying and saying desperately,
momma i'm hungry!
my heart was twisted, so of course, i got him a snack. 
but i can't fathom being in that same situation as some other parents are
and knowing that

i couldn't go into the kitchen and get him something to eat.
can you imagine that?
you can help by:
sign the No Kid Hungry pledge to help end childhood hunger
involve your family with Kids Kick Hunger
learn what you can do to help children get the food they need
visit the Moms Fighting Hunger facebook page
get updates and ideas from @MomsFightHunger on Twitter
sharing this post on facebook, twitter, or your own blog
donate to your local food bank
go to the site and donate.
every dollar you give can help a child receive up to 10 meals.

Moms Fighting Hunger also having a link party that will last until the 21st.  share your support with orange-themed activities or things that you've done to help feed others :)  

**this post is sponsored by God**
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