Thursday, September 13, 2012

homemade playdough does what?

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how long do you/can you keep homemade playdough?
 we've always made it, played with it, put it in a ziploc and tossed it in our preschool tubs.  we throw old batches away when they dry out or get so much schmutz stuck in them they're gross.  it never crossed my mind that i should monitor how well it keeps.  until the other day...
i grabbed the playdough.  it was a mix of the blue we made for autism awareness {april} and the teal from one of our last playdates {august}. 
i opened the bag to get it out and saw this.
yeah, that's mold.  white, fuzzy mold.
i usually keep it in a ziploc bag with the air pressed out of it.  and i've heard that the salt in helps to prohibit mold growth.  i usually take out 1/3 of the salt because i don't like the way it leaves my hands feeling.  that's likely a contributor.  but seriously, never did i even think about this.
so just an fyi for everyone.  it is possible.  homemade playdough can grow mold.
but on the bright side, we get to make new playdough :) 

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