Monday, September 17, 2012

in {her} shoes...gina

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Gina from Connecting Family and Seoul is the wonderful momma blogger who's sharing with us today.  i've known Gina for awhile now, and just adore all the fun activities that she does with her cutie-patootie toddler!  she has some incredible sensory bins. 

I just wanted to start off by thanking Andie for allowing me to share a little piece of myself on Crayon Freckles!  My name is Gina and I blog over at Connecting Family and Seoul.  I began my blog as a diary to my son, in hopes that he can look back at all of the activities and special moments that we’ve shared as a family and get a real sense of connection.  My husband and I began our family a little over a year ago through adoption and have felt very blessed ever since Grady became a part of our lives. We love to incorporate all aspects of his Korean culture into our lives whenever possible to help him develop a deep love and respect for where he got his start in life.  Our son is currently 2 years old and has a love of food, the outdoors, “taking pictures,” and scooping or pouring anything that he can get his hands on.

What is the most challenging part of being the type of mom you are?
I think the most challenging part of being the type of mother I am has yet to present itself.  As an adoptive mom there is always that worry of being fully capable to explain the questions that will come to light as Grady gets older, not only from him, but from people that we meet in our everyday lives.  I sincerely hope that I can find the right words to explain to him what a loving, brave, and strong woman his birthmother was when she decided to allow him to become a part of our family.  I also wish that I can help him feel secure and comfortable in his own skin.  Hopefully with that comfort and a strong sense of family, he will have the confidence to truly believe that although others may not understand the dynamics of our family and ask questions that are hurtful, he is loved and cherished for just being just who he is.    

The most rewarding?

The best reward that I can get for being a mom is seeing my son grow and be happy.  There is rarely a time that my little one doesn’t have a smile on his face.  To see him light up when presented with the smallest of joys like a cookie, a new book, or even a ride down the street in his little red wagon makes my heart soar.  He reminds me not to dwell on what may be wrong at the present time, but to enjoy the little things in life. To take nothing for granted and above all, share love.

What do you think are the most important values parents can instill in their children?
As a mother, and former elementary school teacher, I think that the most important values that parents can teach their children are respect, a love for the Earth, and strong family connection.  Being present and modeling these values are so important when you are trying to instill them in your children.  As a family, we make it a priority to take Grady outside as much as possible so that he can learn to respect and love the environment, while enjoying all she has to offer.  Family meals, everyday household chores, and small outings are shared together in hopes of creating a strong bond with each other.   In all of those aspects we try to incorporate lessons of respect to help Grady become a little citizen of the world within the natural flow of our days.   

If your child could describe you in three words, what would they be?
I would love to hear how Grady would describe me.  I can only imagine what is flowing through his mind at the present moment.  If I had to guess, I think that he would consider me to be caring, zealous, and passionate about our family.
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