Friday, September 21, 2012

the easy way to clean up paint

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our paints are accessible to Bear so that he may use them anytime he wants. 
i don't mind that. 
it's not unusual for a little paint to get on the table and floor
i don't mind that. 
but then when he's done, i have to clean up the unused paint. 
that i mind.....
until i found the laziest easiest way to clean the paint tin.
we use a silicone mini-muffin tin to put the paint in.  when Bear is done, i scoop up the globs of paint that are left and put them back in the bottles.  then i take the messy muffin tin up on the fridge for the paint to dry.
ususally by later that night or the next day, the paint is dried and crumbling.  then i can just flip the cups of the tin inside out and the dried paint flakes right out. super easy.... and yes, lazy.  i'll admit.
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