Thursday, October 4, 2012

Candy Corn Halloween Countdown Chain

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Halloween is right around the corner!  I haven't done much decorating outside, but Bear's costume is almost finished {if that counts for anything}.  Though we've got the date marked on our preschool calendar, Bear still needed a little something more to help him visualize how many days were left.
The solution?  We made a candy corn inspired paper chain so he could rip off a chain each day and see trick-or-treating grow closer!  
I wanted to give him as much ownership as I could.  It's also important to me that his projects look like he did most of the work, and not that I guided him into the adult concept of perfection. 
With supervision, of course, Bear sliced the pieces of construction paper up for our links.  And the sweetie he is, he even let me take some turns cutting.

We had originally planned to have the last link for Halloween be black so that we definitely knew what day it was.  But after he decorated it, Bear decided it would make a better bracelet :)
Sorry, no pictures while we were assembling it.  He was squeezing the stapler and I was holding the paper in ring form.  No way was I going to try to get a few shots of that. A staple in the finger = craft fail. 
Here's the finished product:

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