Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pirate math and pirate-themed link-up

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in preparation for Bear's pirate birthday party, i bought a huge bag of plastic gold coins. i thought they would not only work for the table decoration, but also to use during learning activities.  and wouldn't you know, the opportunity arose.

we hadn't done anything with measuring for quite some time, so i thought we'd explore measuring with units (the coins being the units).  we grabbed a few things and set off to measuring.  because some of the items were slightly shorter/longer than the coins, i got to introduce Bear to the word "approximately."  he loved that. 

we were also able to turn it into a game where he estimated how many coins long other items would be.

Mrs. Kuhn over at From Tantrums to Treasure Hunts and i are co-hosting a fun pirate link-up that lasts until mid-november. 
got a pirate post? link it up here!  
or go do a new one and come back and link up! 

link as many as you'd like
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we'd love to build a great treasure of pirate related ideas, activities, and crafts.
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Unknown said...

Great idea to stock up on the coins! I love the measuring game.

Ashley said...

Using something other then real measurements seems like a good way to introduce the idea of measuring. I will have to try it with my girls sometime. Thanks for the heads up on the linky party! :)

Unknown said...

Gold coins are on my list of things to get for the kids. We've managed to collect a few from other parties and various school things and we love using them to play grocery store, or pirate treasure, and now we can use them for measurements! Great idea! We do love all things pirate, thanks for telling me about the linky party! I'll be sure to check back for more pirate ideas.

tricia said...

One thing I don't have is a pirate post! haha! But, I am learning, now that my daughter is into Sums For Fun (how cool is that???) that I have to restrain myself from buying random jacks, dice, coins, glass shapes, etc for counting! :) I forget...that kid can count anything in the house! But, it looks so cute and cool to have all those like objects lined up! But, you know what? I believe I can spring for the party pack of gold pirate coins and will do so immediately. haha!

The Monko said...

The cake wasn't me it was Hublet - I'm doing a post about it for Kids Co-op on Thursday, I'll link that up too.

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