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Toddler Sensory Bottles from Two Big Two Little

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i can relate to tricia from Two Big Two Little in that she's the mother of mixed ages.  i have a preschooler and a teen, which can cause chaos at times.  it's neat for me to be able to see another mom do the same activity with both children, despite the age gap.  see what i mean in her Baking Soda and Vinegar Play post. 
I’m Tricia from Two Big Two Little, where I share crafts and activities that I do with my children. My kids range in age from 1 to 15, so we usually have a variety of end results to everything :) I’m very excited to be guest posting here at Crayon Freckles today :)
Sensory bottles
With the girls back at school now, it's just me and Austin home during the day. I've been looking for something fun to do with him and as soon as I saw these Sensory Bottles from The Iowa Farmer's Wife , I knew what I wanted to make for him to play with. Last Christmas, I found these great little round Coca-Cola bottles and bought a lot of them. I knew I what eventually find a use for them. These bottles worked great for my sensory bottles.
sensory bottles

I decided to try and make up a variety of bottles for Austin to play with.
  1. I used baby oil and sparkly pom poms. I love how slowly the pom poms move around in the oil.
  2. I used half water and half baby oil with big and little rhinestone gems, buttons and beads. This one looks really cool, as everything in there floats in the water but not in the oil, so they all sit right about the middle of the bottle.
  3. I used a couple squirts of dish soap, water, blue liquid water colour and blue glitter for this bottle.
  4. For this bottle I used hair gel and sliver glitter. This bottle is a bit of a dud, as the gel is so thick that the glitter doesn't move around and neither does the gel :(
  5. This bottle has cooking oil and gold glitter. The glitter moves around in this one, but still slowly. It looks so cool to watch the glitter slowly sink.
  6. This bottle has half green water, baby oil, googly eyes and green pom poms. It almost looks like a liquid monster creature put into a bottle lol
  7. This is Austin's favourite bottle. It has a little bit of water, blue liquid water colour and clear water beads. I coloured the water, put in a handful of dehydrated water beads and let it sit over night. When the water beads were fully grown, I poured out most of the water.
Once I had made all the bottles and was sure that I didn't want to change or add anything else to them, I used my glue gun to hot glue the lids on. I then gave the bottles to Austin to see what he would do with them.
sensory bottles
He wasn't sure what to do with them at first. Then he picked one up and looked at, turned it around and started shaking it :)
sensory bottles
After that, he had to pick each one up and explore it a bit before putting it down and moving onto the next one :) I love the look of concentration on his face as he explores each bottle.
sensory bottles
These sensory bottles are a huge hit, even with the bigger kids. They all had to have a turn at looking, shaking and playing with each bottle :) I think I may make some more of these sensory bottles. Maybe some with dry ingredients or different liquids.
Tricia from Two Big Two Little
Tricia is a stay at home mom to 4 great kids, two big kids aged 15 & 13 and two little kids aged 4 and 1. She shares craft, activities and some DIY posts that she does mainly with her girls, one big and one little, although every once in a while the big and little boys join in on the fun :) Her blog is Two Big Two Little and you can also find her at her Facebook page, and Pinterest boards. She is also a newcomer to Twitter
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